Executive board.

This unique worldwide organisation for BMW motorcycle and car enthusiasts offers its members the opportunity of sharing experiences and knowledge. The elected BMW Clubs International Council Board represents the BMW Clubs and enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with the BMW Group.

David de Bruyn is Chairman of the BMW Clubs International Council Board. He is the delegate for BMW Clubs Africa, has been a member of the council since 2006. Mr. de Bruyn works as an IT manager in South Africa.

Prof. Philip Abrami, is Vice-Chair representing the BMW Car Clubs and is President of the BMW Clubs Canada, has been a member of the Council since 2003 and holds a professorship in Canada.

George Nyktas is Vice-Chair representing the BMW Motorcycle Clubs, he is the delegate for the BMW Riders Association, USA and has been elected to the Council Board at the Council Meeting 2015.

Dr. Bernhard Knöchlein is Vice-Chair representing the BMW Classic and Type Clubs. He is a practising lawyer in Germany and a member of BMW Veteranen-Club Deutschland e.V. while also serving on the Council since 2003.

Contact with the Council is through the BMW Club & Community Management, Munich.

David de Bruyn
South Africa
Prof. Dr.
Philip C. Abrami
Vice-Chair Automobiles
Bernhard Knöchlein
Vice-Chair Classic
George Nyktas
BMW Riders Association

BMW Clubs & Community Management.

The BMW Clubs & Community Managemet is located in Munich at BMW Group Classic. It supports the BMW Clubs International Council in implementing its aims and functions. BCCM is also the interface for communications between club organisations, BMW Classic, the central BMW sales offices and the national BMW sales subsidiaries and importers.

The functions of the BMW Clubs & Community Management include the support of worldwide club and umbrella organisation business, the accreditation of BMW clubs and the correct application of CI principles by the clubs and the organisation of conferences, club events and visits to BMW facilities.

Ilka Huss
Teamleader Club and Community
BMW Group Classic
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Martina Rößle
BMW Clubs Germany and Europe, Classic- and Type Clubs, Website and Logo-Generator
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Claudia Hübner
MINI Clubs, Project Management BMW Clubs

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Eva Priller
BMW Motorrad Clubs, BMW Clubs North and South America, Social Media
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